How to design a website in Dubai

A Complete information about Web design in UAE

Web design in UAEDo you know why to design a website? Are you a business owner in Dubai? Have you ever thought of having a site for your business in UAE?  If not then don’t waste any more time and start working on it now. A website is the most important tool for a business. It doesn’t matter what you sell or how much you invest in advertising if you don’t have a professional online presence then you will be in trouble sooner or later. What you will do to get it. If you don’t have much experience in this field then you need to consult a consultant if you don’t have much knowledge of website designing platforms.

Today wordpress is the mostly used web designing tool. If you look at most of the websites in UAE you will get an idea that most of those are built using wordpress. It is a simple and easy to use platform for creating webpages in quick span of time without any coding knowledge. Another tool is Joomla which is also popular for web development. It all depends on the needs of the company, suppose if a company wants to build an eCommerce website then the best tool is Magento. There are also many other tools available such as shopify, OS Commerce etc.

Web design in Dubai has become very competitive as many agencies in UAE are competing each other the reason why the quality and standards have become high. Each company makes efforts to deliver its best to satisfy customers. Still finding the best agency for website development has become very tough. You have to research a lot for finding a reliable company. WebSolutionz has become the top rated Web agency in Dubai due its dedication, quality work and professionalism. With an in-house team of designers and developers we are committed to prove quality work at your door step. You don’t need to be worried about the cost of web design in UAE as we have customized packages to suit your needs.

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What you must remember while designing eCommerce Store

Ecommerce Website is a great source to earn while sitting at home. But the main thing is to how to get it done by a professional agency. There are so many companies who will be offering this service but choosing the best agency is the most challenging part. Ecommerce site has lot of benefits. One the greatest benefit is the cost involved which is very less as compared to establish a physical office. Online store creation is not easy task to get it done by an amateur because if it is not designed according to the standard then it will become difficult to optimize in future for different search engines.
Online store Dubai

eCommerce sites need a lot of efforts. There are certain areas which require special attention which are discussed as under:

Product detail page.

This is the most important part. The product detail page must contain the correct information about the product with a clear and crisp image.

Category pages:

Another crucial thing for online shopping website is the category part. You must categorize your online shop according to your products. The products should be displayed in a hierarchy.

Home Page:

The top most important part of eCommerce store is the home page. If you don’t give much attention to it then this will cost you more. The first thing visitors will land while browsing your site is the home page. So you have to give special attention to this part of the site to make it appealing and attractive.

Call to Actions:

You can add strong call to actions to your online store. Once the visitor arrives your site the person must know the specific actions to perform. Make the CTA bold and prominent. Once the transaction is done there should be a message about the successful action performed.


Adding a form to your E store can increase your conversion rate.

So choose your favorite ecommerce development tool and contact us to design a profitable user and SEO friendly online store in Dubai.

Why do you need an eye-catching design for your website?

Having a website is a great idea but the problem is how to get the best design. There are so many free platforms are available nowadays the reason why everyone claims to be a web designer but creating a business website is not that much easy. Although there are so many options available and you can design a website by drag and drop without any technical knowledge but can you believe will this site give you any business? No way. If you want to get benefits from online presence then you need nice looking site designed by a professional web development company like Epic Creative Dubai.Website design

A site designed using free platform is a waste of time of money. It will just put bad impression on your business brand. If a visitor comes to your site and find nothing worth then how can you get business. To increase your sales and get new customers you need a responsive, user and SEO friendly website. As we all know SEO is the basic need of every business so after having a webpage if you don’t optimize it for major search engines then this is of no use. So it is important that once you get it then find a company to perform SEO for your site. We at Epic offer all services under one roof. We offer both web design and SEO at affordable prices.

Today everyone knows the importance of having a webpage for the promotion of the business the reason why new companies are setting up every day. Due to this high competition the quality has also been effected a lot and you don’t know where to get quality services but Epic Creative offers top web design services at fair prices in UAE. So what are you waiting for send us your web design requirements we would be happy to assist you.


Why do you need re-design your old website?

A modern fresh looking website is the need of every business owner from small to large corporation. So a time will come when you need to think about revamping of your current website. With the passage of time just like some other things the website designs and layouts become out dated and this effect the conversion rate of the website. In old days no one knows about html5 CSS3 and responsive technologies but today you have to come with the latest web design trends if you want to remain ahead of your competitors.Web re design Dubai

Today mobile technology is very popular so most websites those were developed using the old technology don’t meet latest web standards. They are not mobile and SEO friendly the reason why it is important to make your website user and mobile friendly. Today each and every single person has his/her own mobile so if your website is not opening perfect in the cell phones then you can miss a lot of sales.

There are so many reasons that you can update your old website. Which can be like, you want to add some extra functionality in the website, you want to make it responsive, the website design is not attractive, and the overall structure is not good. The website conversion rate is very poor and has too high bounce rate or the content is not customer oriented and written in a typical way.

Who will redesign your website?

Epic Creative Digital Solutions based a Dubai a media agency has tremendous experience in website redesign services. Epic has successfully redesigned several websites and successfully increased the conversion rates of these websites. Epic Creative has highly experienced web designers who are proficient in designing brand new websites as well as revamping of old design to the latest web design standards. If your web page is out dated and developed using old tools and you are worried about your conversion rate then contact us today to have a look at your current website and send you a quote on how can we improve the overall design and usability.


Benefits of eCommerce Website? Advantages of Online Shop

Have you decided to sell your products online? If yes then you would need an ecommerce website. Having an online store is a good idea because this is the only way you can get the benefits without investing a lot. You can even sell while sitting home or traveling abroad. There are numerous advantages of having an online shop.

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Low set up charges:

If you want to set up a company with physical location then you need to invest huge amount for the rent, utility expenses, tax, and insurance. You don’t have to hire too many employees as needed for a physical office. The only cost involved is the design and development cost and a small management fee.

Changes can be made easily:

It is easy to make any change required in a quick span of time. When we talk about a physical office then it will require several months to make small adjustment. In an ecommerce store you only need to delete, update or add a product with just one click.

Can target potential customers easily:

The biggest advantage of an online store is to reach to the potential customers and get targeted sales. If your website is well optimized for search engines for the products you will be selling then your perspective customers will find you and will buy from you.

Can sell your products anywhere in the world:

You can sell your products anywhere in the world just using Digital Marketing in a right way like PPC, SEO, Email Marketing, Affiliate marketing etc.

Can analyze the RIO:

You can easily calculate your ROI using analytics so you can have complete knowledge how to make improvements.

So now the main question is how to have an ecommerce website done. There are so many agencies offering ecommerce web design but only having an online shop is not enough if you don’t get clients through organic search so keeping this fact in mind you have to choose the right firm to get the job done for you otherwise you will waste time and money when it comes to SEO if your website is not developed keeping SEO in mind. So better to choose a reputed company like Epic Creative Digital Solutions leading ecommerce web design company in Dubai to design and develop your online store which should bring more sales. Contact for a free quote.

Successful Web Design Agency in Dubai

Web Design is one of the fastest growing businesses in the world. There are too many new companies are setting up on daily basis so each and every company requires a functional website to be successful in the business run. If we talk about Dubai market then the number of startup companies is even greater. Website is a kind of thing that every business whether new or old both need. If you are existing business and you are not aware of online media then you can’t be successful.
So to start with a fresh and nice looking website you have to hire experienced and dedicated web designers. Your designers must have enough experience in using the color combination, typography and other elements which will be used in the design process. Today the old trend has almost ended up and the use of html5 and responsive technology is in high demand. If you stick to the old style then you will be out of the competition.

There are so many web design agencies are operating in Dubai. If you want to choose the right web designers in UAE then you have to go for Epic Creative Digital Solutions leading Web design and marketing agency in the Middle East with successful track record in creating websites and marketing through ethical techniques. Our team of designers has done fantastic job so far in delivering top quality work to our clients across UAE and other parts of the world.

There are so many reasons to hire our company few are as follow:
We have in-house web designers to make the communication easy. You can talk to our team members any time regarding the project scope and changes you need. Normally it becomes difficult to talk to a freelancer because of the timing and availability so we are always open for discussion.

We offer all the services you need. As for successful project you need so many things like designers, developers, content writers, SEO Consultant, Hosting, Email, Domain registration so by partnering with Epic you don’t need to bother with these things, we do all for you once you select our services you just need to give us approval to start working on your project.

Finally we just don’t do websites we do a lot more. For complete range of our services visit: